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CHI Energy Healing
is an ancient form of healing.  It is a subtle and powerful way to support balance, health and well-being. Our bodies are made up of energy and there is a field of energy that surrounds our bodies.  There are seven layers to that field, and seven major centers (chakras) where we exchange energy with the universal energy field.  The chakras each have emotional, spiritual and physical properties that can be addressed and healed through this process.

is a regimen of self-healing, therapeutic exercise and an applied healing art.  Its origins date back over 3000 years in China.  Qi moves through the body via meridians and circulates through organs and elements.  Gong is the level of accomplishment through the study of a discipline.  QiGong is the ancient Chinese method of moving, circulating and cultivating Qi in the body to promote healing and fitness, and to maintain optimum health.

Bioenergetics is a system of looking at the physical body, emotional makeup, and the spiritual/energy field in an integrated way.  It is a study of the way we organize our energy to survive in this world.  The way we organize our energy helps determine our challenges in this life as well as our gifts and talents.  Through awareness, understanding and physical/emotional exercises it is possible to turn our surviving into thriving and create better health in the process.

CHI Energy Healing, QiGong and Bioenergetics are used when requested in my practice as well as part of a program that I teach.