Since I’ve started learning energy work and receiving healings from Barry, all aspects of my life – career finances, health, and relationships -- have improved dramatically. He is a gentle, yet powerful healer, able to find the root of the issue, releasing long-held pain, trauma and illness in a caring and supportive environment. Thanks to Barry, I’ve learned how to love, honor, and cherish myself and the world around me in ways I would never have imagined possible.
JP- Brooklyn, NY

The Energy Healing Certification Program has changed my life and my relationships in ways I could not have imagined.  I have made personal changes that have impacted my health as well as my happiness and well-being.  Looking back at my experience, I am struck by my original misconception of what energy healing is all about.  I now know that anything is possible and I am less resistant to change.  Professionally I have added energy healing to my psychotherapy practice and now have a comprehensive way to work with my clients in a more integrative way, mind, body and spirit.
CG- Madison, CT

Barry's Hypnotherapy Training Program has given me a very powerful tool to work with all kinds of behavior change and addictions.  The list of challenges that I treat with Hypnotherapy include depression, all kinds of anxiety, stress relief, migraines, eating disorders, weight loss, smoke cessation, regression for insight as well as lost memories, sports performance, test taking, and insomnia.  I also use self-hypnosis to help me with my own personal challenges.
AF- Warwick, RI

Family Constellations has changed my family.  I can actually go home without fear of losing myself and I understand my relationships in a deeper way.  I look at my identity and behavior and wonder about all the influences that have made me who I am.  I see everything now from a perspective of several generations and my life makes more sense.  Most importantly, I no longer dread the holidays. I look forward to them and am excited about getting to know my family in a much broader context. 
SL- Cromwell, CT

Barry Gordon has helped me to get my life back together after many years of drug addiction.  He provides a safe environment and a level of compassion and understanding that made all the difference in my recovery.  I never felt judged by Barry.  I will be forever indebted to him and I thank God that I found him when I did. 
BR- Meriden, CT